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Aeromedical Transport Service

– AIR ICU– NEONATAL ICU The agility and safety of an aeromedical transport flight can be decisive in keeping the patient’s condition stable. Therefore, Amapil

Terrestrial Ambulance Services

AMAPIL has a fleet of 4 ICU land ambulances, using vehicles specially developed for this purpose. We work with health insurance and private services. Our

Executive Flight

AMAPIL has a complete fleet of executive aviation aircraft with all ANAC certifications and all the necessary infrastructure to ensure comfort, safety and privacy at

Tourism Pantanal & Region

AMAPIL TURISMO wants to make the experience in Pantanal something even more intense and special, offering panoramic flights to the most beautiful touristic regions with

Cargo Transport

AMAPIL knows the importance of fast and efficient logistics to connect your company to more opportunities. Our cargo transport offers you and your company a

Repair Shop & Maintenance

AMAPIL routinely invests in its aircraft maintenance infrastructure, serving its entire fleet as well as third parties. We have a trained and qualified team, international


AMAPIL offers the hangar service, inside its headquarters at Campo Grande International Airport, 24 hours, 7 days-a-week. With a large physical structure with all the